2019 Sector Leaders Symposium
Act to End Street Sleeping

On Monday 27th May 2019 the Hon Graham West, convenor of the End Street Sleeping Collaboration, hosted the Act to End Street Sleeping Sector Leaders Symposium at Sydney’s Town Hall. 

The Sector Leaders Symposium was attended by the City of Sydney, The Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services, government departments, sector specialists and academia.

Valuable insight was gained from representatives from Adelaide Zero, and The Hutt Street Centre where they are already working towards effective zero street sleepers in Adelaide CBD.

A highlight of the 2019 Symposium was when Dominic Sullivan from the PAYCE Foundation announced a $400,000 grant to support the establishment of an End Street Sleeping Collaboration ‘backbone’ office. The office will work alongside the IGH and coordinate policy makers and practitioners as they progress toward the 2025 goal of halving street sleeping in NSW.

The presentation slides from the guest speakers are now available to download.